epistemology of our operating memory ~ language and its referents ~
Marriage licenses, decrees, birth certificates - all of those one-off documents, the pedantry of an effective filing system. All of those small agreements that hold a community together. All of those agreements we don't trust to the memory of people making them.


untitled video still Gogol's Overcoat: The Gravedigger's Meditation 2015

My new animation shows in a Watertown, MA, exhibit, The Overcoat, on March 7, along with giclee printed video stills.

Each artist's work in the show was inspired by Russian author Nikolai Gogol's story. Mine involves an imaginary character - the gravedigger - musing on the copyist's role, the authority of text, the challenges mistakes pose to authority as she digs into the permafrost to bury a body.

Artist roster: Chuck McNally, Adrian Rodriguez, Aristides Logothetis, Colin Burns, C.J. Cartiglia, Brad Spavin, Jessica Fenlon, Peter Scott, Gabin Cortez Chance, Ronan Moore, Kuma Lisa, Salvatore Victor, Ebon Johnson, Scott Hemeon, Stuart Budd, Donald Saaf, Emmit McDermet and Dave TREE

Read The Overcoat in one webpage over here to find out why Vladimir Nabokov said of Gogol: "When, as in the immortal The Overcoat, he really let himself go and pottered on the brink of his private abyss, he became the greatest artist that Russia has yet produced."